What Our Clients Can Expect

There is never any fee attached to our services. Everything is paid for by our members.

We usually try to visit with the client at the address to be investigated the day before the actual investigation. We will sit down with them and get to know a little about them and them of us. We have a questionnaire that we fill out based on the events. This will give us a better knowledge of how and where the events are happening.

We ask that they sign a Permission To Investigate form. This gives us permission to investigate at that address. We also ask that they fill out a Release Of Information form. This form is a binding and legal document on how much information we can release to the public.

After all the paperwork is done, we ask for a tour of the area in which we will film.

We will meet at a time agreed upon by both parties. We do our investigations at night. We can do a daytime investigation but found that the spirits are more active in the late evening hours. We will come in and establish our command center. We will start setting up our static cameras in the areas of activity. Once this is done we will back out and let the area settle for a while then start the investigation.

An investigation usually lasts 3-5 hours depending on the level of activity present. If the activity is strong, it may last longer. We want to give you the best coverage that we can. All of this is done in a respective and professional manner. Once the investigation is done we will pack up and take the information that we gathered and review it. When we review all information, we will then set up a time that we can meet with the clients to review what we have or have not caught. We will try to help you understand what is going on and help you to cope with it. We then leave a copy of anything caught so they can review at their leisure.

We will always be there for our clients to answer questions or do a follow up investigation if needed.

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All of McLennan County Paranormal Investigations expenses come from the members own pockets. We do not charge for our services, however we do accept donations. The money that you donate goes into a general fund account that helps us help other people. Gas, Equipment, Software, Computers, and other costs can add up to thousands of dollars. Our team has spent well over 3,000 thousand dollars on equipment alone.
Everyone dollar donated goes to help others that need help but can not find groups with the knowledge and experience that we have.


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